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Live Performances
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What people are saying about Noah
"Not only a great young talent but a fine young man"
"You are awesome. We Loved listening to your music. I wish the best in the future and will be watching for an album because I know you are going places!"
"This guy can sing too, we enjoyed getting to hear him doing what he loves!"
"You have what it takes to make it! Love your voice!
You are quite a gentlemen and an excellent performer."
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"We saw you today @ the Ryman Auditorium. You were awesome! I'm sure you'll make it big soon!"
"It was an awesome night with Noah on stage!"
"Your an amazing young man with an AMAZING VOICE!"
"Is definitely on his way to "filling their shoes"with a great voice and wonderful stage presence."
"Looked up all of Noah's music after seeing him in Nashville. LOVE THE ALBUM!"
"Came back all four days we were in Nashville and stayed all four hours of Noah's performances! HE'S THAT GOOD!"
" With your talent, you'll go all the way to the top!
"I'm looking forward to saying I knew this great singer early in his career."
"Got one hell of a sound this kid sings true country music love it need more artist like him!"
"I was blown away by Noah's talent and entertainment!"
"NEXT COUNTRY SUPERSTAR! Ya'll keep your head on a swivel."
"Not just a great performer but one hell of an entertainer! This guys a complete package and is going to go far. Impressive!"
"Best artist we have seen, and we have seen alot of bands!"
"We went to every honky tonk up and down Broadway and Noah is BY FAR THE BEST!"
"We happened to walk in Redneck Riviera and be introduced to Noah Garner and his amazing talent. We changed our flight time in order to stay for his whole performance."
"I plan my trip from Australia around when Noah will be in Nashville performing."
"No greater music and no greater heart than this guy right here!"
"Don't fall in love in Nashville they say....clearly they have never met Noah"
"Another fantastic show this weekend! Can we have this man filling stadiums already?"
"We planned our Nashville trip around seeing your show again. You'll be playing Nissan Stadium before you know it!"

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